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Although several media outlets have reported that Cocozza was began of the show for breaking the rules (with one rumor stating that he was caught in possession of cocaine), many (including Cocozza) are praoclaiming that he quit the express. British tabloid The Sun reports that Cocozza was ousted from show because he bragged face-to-face with "X Factor" U.K staffers about using cocaine.

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Cocozza also said in several interviews that exactly why he were going to win on "The X Factor" Oughout.S. was because he wanted to hang out with quite a few women as i can. Cocozza also frequently gave tabloid interviews bragging about his sex life, saying that he's had nearly 100 sex partners in his life, anf the hoped his "X Factor" fame brings that number to more than 100. Cocozza reportedly were brief fling with 16-year-old former "X Factor" Ough.K. contestant Amelia Lily, who made it to the very best 16 belonging to the competition yr.

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Ben has shared that being on The Bachelorette helped him heal some wounds he carried since the death of his father, and help himself being open person to love again. Could he find his own fairytale ending on The Bachelor? Fans certainly hope so, as he won during the hearts of several fans this past season. Everybody is making Bachelor won't return to ABC until January, fans are currently caught up in the drama, chaos and romance of Bachelor Pad three. Tune in Monday nights figure out who wins and loses on Bachelor Pad, airing on Channel 15 your past Scottsdale subject.